Private Lipreading Classes

How Do Online 1-1 Lipreading Classes Work? 

These private, online lipreading training sessions are offered over Zoom. After an initial consultation, the tutor will send you a Zoom link. This Zoom link is your personal link for the duration of your lipreading classes. You will need to know how to log into a Zoom meeting, as a bare minimum. If you do need any additional support, this can be arranged. During the lesson, we use the shared whiteboard, the chat box and the tutor will use the share screen function. You may need to familiarise yourself with the "resize" function.

What Is the Cost of a Private Lipreading Class?

These 1-1 lipreading lessons are charged at $65, payable by PayPal. Exchange rate commission is absorbed by the tutor. If the session is cancelled within 24 hours, the full fee is payable.

What Equipment Will I Need? 

You will need a computer, a WebCam and an updated version of the Zoom software. Please try to join your lipreading lesson from a PC or Mac, and NOT a tablet or mobile. This is because using the chat/screen share functionality often obscures, or even temporarily removes the tutor screen from view. Your experience will be much better if you join from a laptop/desktop machine with the updated Zoom software installed on that machine (NOT the web version of Zoom). If you have any specialised hearing equipment, you will need to have that connected to your computer before the lesson begins. However, we do have the option of using Automated Captions, but these can be of varying quality!

How Long Is a Private Lipreading Class

Lessons are one hour long, with a brief eye-break in the middle. This is a chance to move away from your computer to rest your eyes. Make no mistake, lipreading (especially 1-1) is quite demanding, so it is important to take a break. Of course, you are free to halt the lesson at any time you wish.

What Is the Format of the Lessons?

These lipreading lessons are informal, conversational, friendly and stress-free! Because we proceed at YOUR pace, we are blissfully unencumbered by the pressures of fellow classmates. No waiting for other students to log in, no technological problems unrelated to your own equipment and dedicated 1-1 attention. These lipreading lessons are exclusive to you.

Looking for Lipreading Classes in the UK?

This website is for US students looking for a lipreading course. Lipreading students in the UK should go here: Lipreading Classes UK

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