Lipreading Tutor

Who Is the Lipreading Tutor?

Your tutor is a fully qualified, registered Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss tutor. His name is Daryl.

Daryl has lived experience of hearing loss, and is happy to share what he has learned with you.

He qualified in teaching lipreading at City Lit, in Central London, England and is a member of ATLA, the U.K.'s national lipreading tutor Association. He is also a qualified Adult Education Tutor and a Google Certified Educator.  

Based in London, England he teaches online lipreading students both in Great Britain and the USA.

Status of Lipreading Classes in the UK

Lipreading classes & courses are increasingly common in the UK. Most of these courses include aspects of managing hearing loss, and have a focus on sociability and meeting people with similar hearing loss issues. In person classes can be operated anywhere, but are usually found in Adult Education Institutes, local colleges & learning centers. However, they can often be found in church halls, annexes and community centers. Since the pandemic, lipreading lessons are now frequently found online.

Most lipreading teachers in the UK are registered with ATLA, the National Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults.

Most lipreading teachers in the UK complete their training at City Lit in London, England, which is the largest Adult Education College in Europe.  It is also the center of excellence for Deaf Education in the UK.

To qualify as a lipreading teacher with ATLA in England, student teachers must pass 2 nationally accredited qualifications:

City and Guilds Lipreading Teaching

Teacher Training: Award in Education and Training (AET)

Daryl has completed both of these, and works at City Lit as a Lipreading Tutor and Digital Lead.