Managing Hearing Loss

Why "Lipreading & Managing Hearing Loss"?

Learning to lipread isn't just about reading the lips! It's helpful to understand more about the different types of hearing loss, some of the causes and exactly how hearing loss can affect you & your loved ones. Increasingly, lipreading classes take into account the societal aspect of hearing loss. Lipreading group classes are a great way to join a supportive environment of other people with hearing loss. Sometimes, it's good to share with a group of others who are experiencing the same/similar problems that you are. Interaction is encouraged, and in the online groups you will have the opportunity to move into breakout rooms with your fellow students.

The Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss Courses include tips for managing your own particular hearing loss, and practical strategies that you can use every day. These are not therapeutic interventions, but rather real-life methods that you can utilise to make life that little bit easier. Students are encouraged to share their own lipreading tips and tricks for managing their hearing loss.

Hearing loss can have a significant impact on an a person's life, particularly in a society that relies heavily on communication. Society is primarily geared towards the hearing, with little thought given to the challenges facing those with any level of hearing loss. Most of us have experience of a friend, or family member who struggles with hearing loss. When it starts to happen to us, which may be gradual or sudden, we may experience difficulties in maintaining conversations with friends, family members, or colleagues. If left unmanaged, this can lead to social isolation and unwelcome feelings of frustration, isolation and loneliness.

Furthermore, hearing loss can also lead to communication obstacles in the workplace. Individuals may miss important information during meetings, or group sessions. They may  struggle to communicate effectively with work colleagues, leading to  a marked decrease in productivity  which may potentially  affect their job performance. In academic settings, students with hearing loss may face  barriers n the classroom, which can impact their  chances of academic success. By tackling these impediments, we can build confidence and ensure that every individual can continue to thrive, and survive.

It is important to recognize that there are  many solutions available for individuals with hearing loss. the technology has never been better. However, all the best technical kit in the world cannot substitute for the ability to naturally converse, to understand and be understood. Private lipreading classes can be an effective way to improve communication skills and increase self confidence in a way which remains undetectable. By learning how to lipread, individuals can better understand others in both personal and professional  environments. Advancements in hearing  aids & hearing technology have made it  so much easier for individuals to  productively manage their hearing loss whilst staying connected to the world and all it has to offer. With  specifically targeted support and resources, individuals with hearing loss can continue to lead fulfilling lives and participate fully in society, as is their right.

Do You Offer Audiology Services?

No. These sessions are purely lipreading based, and do not include any kind of medical advice. The tutor is not a healthcare professional, and does not offer any kind of clinical guidance.  

Can You Advise on Hearing Aids?

No. The tutor is not affiliated to any hearing aid providers, and does not advocate for any particular provider. However, we may discuss types of hearing aid, assisted listening devices, alerting devices and hearing loss technology in the course of a session. 

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Selection of Hearing Aids
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