Online Lipreading Classes USA

1-1 Lipreading Training For USA Students

Learn to lipread online with 1-1 private lipreading classes with a fully qualified lipreading tutor based in London, England. Don't worry, the accent is not a problem! An exclusive lipreading training course designed to help you manage your own hearing loss & to make the best of whatever residual hearing you may have. With a focus on building confidence, learning a little lipreading theory and developing the ability to spot certain lip patterns, these lipreading training classes are a great addition to your hearing loss toolkit. 

Why Learn to Lipread?

Learning how to lipread can be a very effective aid to communication. If you find that you are missing words in everyday conversation, then it's entirely possible that your hearing is deteriorating. For most of us, this happens as we get older. There's no escaping it.  If you find that you are frequently asking people to repeat themselves, straining to hear without avail or finding it easier just to disassociate yourself… then you may benefit from learning how to lipread. As a minimum, it may be worth investigating a few lipreading tips and tricks to make your life with hearing loss that little bit easier.

Lipreading can be immensely useful. We focus on the different shapes that the lips make when producing certain sounds. It is by learning the shapes we can sometimes pick out words that we might have missed. With practice and perseverance, we learn how to "fill in the gaps", so that we are able to pick up the gist of what is being said. However, we need to be realistic. It is extremely unlikely that you will be able to lipread every single word. At best, we Just might be able to catch meaning where we may have missed it before. This may not sound like much, but it can mean the difference between becoming isolated, or continuing to be an active part of society.

Managing Hearing Loss

Your lipreading tutor will include tips and tricks about managing hearing loss & how to continue to do the things you want to do. and be the person you want to be. An important part of these lessons is learning to be confident about your hearing loss, to develop strategies that will enable you to carry on carrying on. This lipreading course will become part of your hearing loss toolkit, a part of who you are. It will take some practice and dedication, but with private lessons you have a much better chance of learning the skill of lipreading quickly, and retaining the information so that you can apply the skill out there in the real world. 

Lipreading Is My Superpower, What's Yours?